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Your go-to place for fine jewellery in Sterling Silver and Gold! Jami Hughes is a Graduate Jeweller working towards her Degree in Gemology.
You can arrange a visit to see our current stock or have a consultation to Appraise and evaluate your own jewellery!


Customized Design Work

On-site Repairs for Your Jewellery


From idea to inception, our experienced Silver/Gold smiths can listen to your stipulations and design an image of your perfect ring. We will then size and craft the ring in wax in order to show you the scale and detail of the finished item.

Using our Estimates you can choose the precious metal of your choice and the item can be cast and fabricated in Sterling SIlver, Rose or Yellow Golds and with the Gemstones that you cherish!


We source the planet for gems, findings, and jewellery components to bring the most sensuous design to your lovely collarbones in the neck adornments that we create. We use only strong, high quality clasps and findings that are integrated in compliment to the finished piece. Silver and Gold welding techniques form strong, pull-proof bonds that make your Treasure Mountain Jewellery into lifelong family heirlooms!


At Treasure Mountain Jewelshop, we handcraft all earrings in Sterling Silver, and 14 or 18 Karat Gold. Each pair is delightfully made with precious gems, faceted gemstone beads or pearls with some style of precious metal component or part! We stock our silver and gold “Castings” in a variety of styles which can be custom made to suit your personal style.

About Our Earrings

All of our castings are of Organic Elements such as Flowers or tiny Seashells, Branches, Victorian Components and Rock Nuggets. These Castings have the original grooves and nuances of a natural object and are soldered and hand finished to depict the beauty of nature in all of its symmetry and perfect design!

All Earrings are the perfect size and scale to be worn daily and kept on the body. The metals are pure and allergen free, so that all that is needed is daily soap and water to clean them and perhaps a gentle buffing with a soft cotton cloth.

We Carry a vast assortment of 925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings as well which are part of a current inventory which are sold to select Boutiques in Canada. So drop us a line describing what you are looking for and we can send you some photos of designs and current earring lines that we are working on!


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Heirloom Jewellery Made in Calgary

What are your beliefs about personal adornment? What secrets does your soul seek to reveal about the inner you? We adorn ourselves to express values that we hold inside our hearts. We can express these human values in a variety of beautiful ways. Whether cultural identities define us or new paths propel us on, we see the value in uniqueness.